Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mic Check

What is to come?
As I collect and refine my skills in the fields of audio production, documentary film making and journalism, I want to find ways to apply them. I want to tell stories, collect stories and share stories that need to be heard by anyone who will listen. As I learn, my focus will sharpen and there will be a stronger thread to my work. Currently I draw from those issues that resonate with the ideas in my mind and heart. Perhaps the biggest is the desire for the human race to find sustainability on this planet. Another one is the creation of music and musical communities. A third is developement of a new media stucture in this country and the world that is free from the corruption of corporate/governmental ties.

Sustainable Lifestyles / Musical Communities / New Media

I'm looking for stories to tell. I want to develope them using this blog (among other things) and then turn them into podcasts, documentaries and articles. I want to share these creations through this blog and raise awareness of issues and events that I know are important.

-Adam S Barton


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