Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Open Mic Documentary

Incoming [see trailer]

Open Mic Documentary: NYC

Target Length: 15-30 minutes

Goals: local screenings (Makor, Bar Bes, Brass Monkey Bar), documentary shorts festivals (i.e. Manhattan Short Film Festival, Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, and Docfest: The New York City International Documentary Festival), web release (Current TV, UTube).

General Overview:

From Live At the Apollo to American Idol to MTV’s Made, America is infatuated with the up and coming, unknown artist who takes the stage and captures the audience. As moving and inspiring as this experience can be, it is exceedingly rare in a true open mic performance setting. Equally as likely is a performance that has elements of extreme embarrassment, nervousness and fear. Open mic performances are just as likely to make one laugh and cover their eyes as they are to make one nod their head to the beat and cheer in support.

Our film will capture the underlying culture of open-mic nights. We’ll interview audience members and participants to get a sense of what draws them to open mics. We’ll find diamonds in the rough, and we’ll show performances that are less about talent, and more about humor or about community. Our style will be to understand each performance as a window into the hodgepodge culture of open-mic performance in New York City.

We are also seeking several performers to interview in greater depth. We’d like to capture them playing during practice sessions, on their ways to open mics and gigs and after a few of their performances. We want to find out what kind of musical community they are involved with and how they got there. This will ideally provide greater insight into why these aspiring artists are attempting to spread their art and why they are using the open mic scene to try and achieve their goals.


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