Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Farm

So I'm hoping that we're getting to the point where sustainable living is not associated with San Fran hippies from the 1970's. The problem is, some of the biggest advocates and strongest voices for sustainable lifestyles come out of this kind of long haired, somewhat smelly world. Seriously - so much of America is instantly turned off by someone who might have smoked a joint or two back in the day and it can be hard for strait laced people to listen to the well reasoned views of someone who looks like a liberal extremist.

Until a new generation steps up to the plate to advocate the kinds of lifestyle changes that we all may be forced into making anyway, we must turn to people like Albert Bates to guide the way. Check out this great piece of video about his eco training center in Tennessee.

I love this guy - so smart and articulate. I hate it that his appearance might damage his credibility in the eyes of many Americans.


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