Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tail Wag

Chris Anderson, Wired magazine editor and author of recently released book 'The Long Tail,' joins Al Gore and Malcom Gladwell in the in the club of guys who look at large amounts of somewhat obvious yet scary data and then make it all seem interesting and relevant to the masses. Beyond this macro level comparison, Gore is linked to Anderson because his new company, Current TV, is responding to the media landscape that Anderson is so complellingly profiling in his new book. Anderson is also linked to Gladwell in a more direct way, calling the author of 'Blink' and the 'Tipping Point,' his "favorite writer."

While you may or may not love this popular brand of quasi-intellectualism, Anderson's website/blog - is worth a look. His statistics are jawdropping and paint a picture that every major media company would love to ignore yet can't. We're living in a new world and by my writing this and by you reading this, we're building it up. And I love it. Long live the long tail!


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