Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Biodiesel Bonanza!!!

Biodiesel is hotter than Beyonce. If you don't believe me, check out the two videos below and listen to an aging Steven Siegal banter on about his station wagon. While extremely informative, these two videos are WAY too long. I dare you to watch both in their entirety. Something tells me that Steven's been using a bit of his fuel source as a hair product...
If you still don't believe me about Biodiesel's level of hotness, check out this recent NY Times article. Biodiesel was a 1.6 billion dollar industry last year and it's growing faster than the iTunes catalogue. Interesting doings on that front today -- seems like there may be some new features involving video coming out... more on that can of worms later. Back to Beyonce -- that girl is fly but is she kicking out 1.6 billion each year? Not yet anyway.


Blogger conjon said...

Hey "Forget Silence,"

This is conjon from currentv.com. You asked me how I got my video, Monday Night Dinner, to be so clear. Well, I exported it from FCP as a mov. file and made it as large as I could, 1.1 gigs, then video egg did the rest.
Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed your blog, I also have one, www.whitechicken.blogspot.com


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