Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Magnum: Shooting the World

Started in 1947, Magnum is a collective of some of the world's best and most famous photographers and photojournalists. These men and women have been around the world and back, bringing to us the images that define the times. Without a doubt you've seen images by a Magnum photographer on the covers of publications like the New York Times and Time magazine.

I got to meet a few of their photographers over the past few weeks as Magnum has been putting together a series of slideshows about 9/11 - the most photographed event in world history. Images from that infamous day are accompanied by the voices of the photographers, whose narration is taken from conversations that were recorded at Gramercy Post (where I work a few days per week). This kind of project is part of the larger inmotion series that Magnum displays on the web. Check out some of these videos - the images and commentary are fascinating and provide amazing insights into many of the more important moments in modern history.


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