Saturday, September 23, 2006


So the news was what I expected - Current TV pairs up with Yahoo to create a new web video channel. Check it out here and bookmark it for future viewing pleasure. This move is designed to create more outlets for viewer created content and to draw more people into the Current community. I'm particularly excited about this move for several reasons:
-My travel video series, America7, is going to be one of the first bits of content earmarked especially for the new Yahoo channel.
-I got interviewed and was given a big quote about Current the New York Observer's announcement that this partnership had been created.
-And finally, I've become a moderator on the Current website to help keep community standards high as the traffic to the site goes up. So I'm very excited to be all up in this business.

So what does this mean for Current TV and the internet video revolution? Well to start, this is an interesting model for similar video sites to follow: Create a great concept with independent funding that relies in part on the video creating abilities of the masses, build a decent following (Current has about 50,000 registered on their site) and then partner with a bigger fish in order to try and get into the spotlight. According to Aline Allegra, Current TV VP of Viewer Created Content, Yahoo has no control over what gets aired on the Current/Yahoo video channel. Current will not be sacrificing any of it's groundbreaking philosophical underpinnings in order to ramp up distribution. Brilliant!

Furthermore, it give people like me more ways to approach video content creation for Current. I can aim to make a short series of 2 minute videos designed for Yahoo!, or I can make slightly longer videos in hopes that they will get broadcast. So many ideas are brewing... stay tuned. The revolution WILL be televised.


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